Cotton Yarn

Yarn is purchased from reputed Spinning Mills that meet international quality parameters. As the raw material quality determines the finished product quality to a great extent, we take great care to ensure that best quality yarn is purchased for production of goods.


The yarn is dyed with great attention to detail to ensure accuracy and match the exact colour shades as per the customer's pantone colour and swatch fabric references. Considering the environmental values, the yarn is dyed using Azo-free dyes in factories equipped with water treatment plants. We resort to cabinet machine dyeing which is state of the art technology and this ensures high colour fastness and washing standards.


We control a streamlined base of weaving workshops that are installed with high end auto looms and power loom machines. This offers us the competitive advantage to handle both small and large orders. A widespread control of these looms also gives us the flexibility to deliver goods at shorter production lead times.

Stitching, Inspection and Packing

The process of fabric checking, stitching of the made-ups and inspection of these made-ups are done in our factory by well qualified staff. This helps us to ensure a high level of quality control with zero defects. Packaging is done as per the customer's specifications with stiffeners, poly bags, hand tags and insert covers.